The WebXR Device API

Chrome Hardware Support

Chrome supports WebXR on a variety of platforms and hardware. This page details the supported devices and required configuration (if any) to use them.

Chrome Compatibility Table

Device OS Runtime Supported Session Modes WebXR Support
Windows Mixed Reality PC headsets Windows Windows Mixed Reality immersive-vr Enabled in Chrome 79+
Daydream View
Lenovo Mirage Solo
Android Google VR immersive-vr Enabled in Chrome 79+
ARCore-compabile mobile devices Android ARCore immersive-ar Enabled in Chrome 81+
Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift S
Windows Oculus immersive-vr Experimental VR support
HTC Vive
Valve Index
Other OpenVR-compatible headsets
Windows SteamVR immersive-vr Experimental VR support
OpenXR-compatible headsets Windows OpenXR immersive-vr Enabled in Chrome 81+,
Requires the XR_EXT_win32_appcontainer_compatible extension

Enabling experimental support for other VR headsets

Some desktop headsets are capable of working with Chrome but their associated runtimes have not yet been enabled by default. This is typically because the Chrome team is still working with the runtime developer to ensure it can be used with the browser's security requirements. Developers that want to test Chrome's support for these devices can enable them by following the steps below.

It is not recommended that you use Chrome with the following flags for daily browsing, as it disables certain security measures around Chrome interaction with VR hardware.

Additionally, please note that runtimes that have not been enabled by default may exhibit a variety of issues or not support all applicable WebXR features.

Unsandboxed OpenXR

To test Chrome with OpenXR runtimes that do not implement the XR_EXT_win32_appcontainer_compatible extension, use the following command line options:



To test Chrome with experimental support for OpenVR, use the following command line options:

--disable-features=XRSandbox --enable-features=openvr --force-webxr-runtime=openvr


To test Chrome with experimental support for Oculus, use the following command line options:

--disable-features=XRSandbox --enable-features=oculus --force-webxr-runtime=oculus